Sunday, 26 April 2015

Morning Musume。´15 Nationwide Simultaneous Handshake Events: Harunan in Saitama and Tokyo

Promoting their new single 'Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru / Yuugure ha Ameagari / Ima Koko Kara', Morning Musume。 have once again held nationwide handshake events on the 16th and 17th of April. Their journeys were covered on Twitter, and I've compiled them by member, with accompanying translations.

While Harunan doesn't stray far from the Kanto region, but makes up for it by kabe-don-ing and messing around before her events.

Day 1 - Saitama

Today there'll be a handshake event at Ario Kawaguchi-san from 7 p.m. (#^.^#)
We'll be waiting for lotsーーーーー of people ♡!
Kuduu comes from Saitama prefecture〜♡
That said, I'm doing a kabe-don ( ^ω^ )
2 more hours to goー! Gather at Ario Kawaguchi〜〜〜!!
We're doing a question corner、 so please think up some (*^^*)♡
And if we can't kabe-don, sofa-don

Ario Kawaguchi! Event has started。

Ario Kawaguchi! The handshake event has started。

The handshake event has ended〜♡! It was really fun to be able to chat! Thank you very much (o^^o)♡♡ Saitama pose!
#Saitama pose # Tomorrow we'll be at Tower Records Kinshicho store

Day 2 - Tokyo (Kinshicho)
Furikai? Furinanokai? {T/N: No idea where this comes from, suspect it's a pop culture reference I'm still not aware of yet}

We'll be waiting at Tower Records Kinshicho store from 7 p.m. ♡

Iikubo Haruna's event at Tower Records Kinshicho store-san has started。

We're still waiting for everyone's participation!

The handshake event at Tower Records Kinshicho store-san has ended ♡!
There were little kids and people who had been there since the morning and people who came after work、 it was really fun! Thank you very much (#^.^#)♡

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