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MaaDuu interviews Maasa - Top Yell May 2013

Excerpts from Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka's interview of Sudo Maasa in the 11th instalment for their serialisation 'Maachan Kuduu no HaroPuro Senpai Tanboudan' in the magazine 'Top Yell'.

Sudo: I know about this serialisation! Our Sugaya (Risako) worked together with these 2... She was in an uproar, going 'They asked nothing but weird questions!' (laughs)

--- It truly is a corner that brought nothing but trouble to the H!P senpais (bitter smile). 


Kudo: Sudo-san is referred to as 'Berryz' mother'. What led to you being called that? If I'm not mistaken, you've been called that since you were in primary school, right?

Sudo: Well, since primary 4th. It started even before Berryz Kobo, with the movie 'Mini Moni The Movie Okashi na Daibouken!' I appeared on it together with C-ute's (Hagiwara) Mai-chan, (Suzuki) Airi, and Risako. We were always together throughout the shooting, but I was the oldest among them, I really was like their mother. Since the other 3 were still in primary 2nd. Honestly, they were really adorable, those 3......

Kudo: From Sudo-san's point of view, who changed the most in BeriKyuu?

Sudo: Everyone's grown up in their own way, but...... the most has definitely got to be Risako. In looks, and in voice. I think she's properly grown up to become a woman.

Sato: On the other hand, who's the person who hasn't changed? Is it Okai (Chisato)-san?

Sudo: Indeed, Chissa (Okai Chisato) hasn't really changed. If it's Berryz, I guess it'd be (Tokubnaga) Chinami.

--- Though Tokunaga-san has that excellent figure, and the image of a stylish grown-up?

Sudo: But when you look at her face when her make-up's removed and she's sleeping, it's just like the past. Just like the child in our first album, honestly.

Kudo: Ehh~, that's unexpected!

Sato: (absent-mindedly) Make-up is scary.

Sudo: Hey! You can't say things like that (laughs)


Sato: Sudo-san, what's your favourite tree?

Sudo: Favourite tree......! That's it. Risako mentioned this to me today too. 'You'll suddenly be asked what your favourite tree is, so be careful' (laughs). So that's it......

Sato: In this season, sakuras are a no-no. Trees like the Japanese white birch are okay, aren't they?

--- You're recommending the Japanese white birch in this season, huh (laughs). Since it isn't a sushi topping...

Sato: I guess I like the fragrant olive. It's got a nice smell.

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