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'The fans spoil the belles too much!' Tsugunaga Momoko talks about ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi 「Since at the end of the day、 I'll be the victor!」

℃-ute・ Suzuki Airi adorning the
top of the 
「Spring H!P Belle Festival」 feature
『Weekly Playboy』 that's currently on sale
2015、 Spring…。 Along with the graduation of Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume。 and Berryz Kobo entering their indefinite hiatusHello! Project has entered a new configuration。 
Published in issue 17 of 『Weekly Playboy』 that's currently on sale、 we have a gravure feature on H!P's 9 belles entitled 「Spring H!P belle festival」! What's more、 from the most prominent prospect for  “Oldest H!P Beauty”、 we attach commentary by 「Momochi」 Tsugunaga Momoko
And thus、 at ShuuPure NEWS、 we'll gradually be making public the “Momochi commentary” that wasn't conveyed in the magazine itself! This time、 she'll tell us about the charms of ℃-ute・ Suzuki Airi-san who adorns the top of the feature!
 * * *
― In the 『Weekly Playboy』 that's now on sale、 for the 「Spring H!P belle festival」、 Suzuki Airi-san (℃-ute)、 Sayashi Riho-san、 Kudo Haruka-san、 Makino Maria-san (Morning Musume。’15)、 Sasaki Rikako-san (ANGERME)、 Miyamoto Karin-san、 Uemura Akari-san (Juice=Juice)、 Hamaura Ayano-san (Kobushi Factory)、 and Shimamura Uta-san from Country Girls, for which Tsugunaga Momoko-san acts as Playing Manager, these 9 exquisite belles make an appearance。
Tsugunaga You can feel how serious it is、 given the selection of people! No doubts about it、 the current H!P is nothing but cuties~!
― Even Tsugunaga-san is giving her stamp of approval! Well then、 this time we'd like to ask about your contemporary ℃-ute・ Suzuki Airi-san, who passed the same 2002 Hello! Project ・ Kids audition as Tsugunaga-san
Tsugunaga That's right、 when it comes to singing and dancing and gravure、 Airi's almighty and can do anything。 Just about the only thing she's bad at is speaking smoothly (laughs)。 Wanting H!P's history to continue on from now on、 there are really a lot of girls who look up to members like Airi、 and apply for auditions because 「I want to join H!P」 。
― I see、 she stands at “the forefront of aspiration”。 Well then、 what's something about her that you'd say 「Have a look at this!」 when she's on-stage?
Tsugunaga As mentioned just now、 her dancing and singing are at a high level。 What's more、 each and every gesture of hers is really feminine。 And so、 the number of female fans has been on the rise recently。 She's an ace who even gets support from the girls!

'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko bolstered by the sense of rivalry with Suzuki Airi, who makes H!P loved
― By the way、 talking about Airi-san、 the topic of 「Cutting her bangs」 in March this year was a topic of conversation amongst the fans。
Tsugunaga That's right! Just cutting her bangs made the news、 she's amazing!!
― For Tsugunaga-san、 what do you think about her bangs?
Tsugunaga For Momochi、 I prefer bangs。 But、 I think that parted bangs also have their own merits、 don't they。 With Airi's current hairstyle、 you'll be able to enjoy seeing her both with and without bangs、 so the hearts of the fans who like either won't be split。 She takes into account the feelings of the fans even for her bangs。 Such a pro!
― A “pro” even in picking out bangs!
Tsugunaga Also、 the way you'd “want to dote” on Airi is irresistible to the fans! Airi is the youngest in Buono!(Unit within H!P。 Made up of 3 members: Tsugunaga Momoko、 Natsuyaki Miyabi、 Suzuki Airi)、 we really doted on her。 But at times、 she'll make weird movements、 and make lame puns。 If we tease her about it、 it gradually escalates and she keeps on making weird movements (laughs)。
― Airi-san's “strange movements” catches the attention of the fans。
Tsugunaga However、 I dislike it if she's like 「Momochi's so cold…」 if I ignore her instead。 Even having been together for 13 years、 even now I still have no idea how I should respond (laughs)。
―「Super cute yet strange!」 It's all right for the fans to love that part too, right?
Tsugunaga Hmmー…。 Talking about beauties as a whole、 they don't get booed even when they do weird things。 Whatever they do, people will say 「Huuー!」「Cute~」。
― Indeed!
Tsugunaga In short、 the fans spoil beauties! Even though I think they should go 「We have no idea what you're going on about!」 when Airi says something weird (laughs)!
― But、 if they were to say that、 how would Airi-san respond?
Tsugunaga Probably like 「Ehehe~」、 like she's worn out。 Momochi understands how cute that is too、 but the fans are like 、 「Airi-chan, you~」。
― Would it be better to be strict towards beauties?
Tsugunaga Don't you think so!?  But、 Momochi receives opinions directly from the fans、 so I thrive on adversity。 And so、 in the strict world of entertainment、 rather than Suzuki Airi、 Momochi will triumph in the end (laughs)。
― You've come out with a declaration of future victory! Indeed、 we feel that as Momochi-san became Country Girls' Playing Manager, that feeling of “super idol in active duty” has risen!
Tsugunaga I've been told 「You're like a teacher」 when I became Playing Manager。 Looking at the members, I'm like 「My girls are adorable」 (laughs)。
― Like a mother (laughs)。
Tsugunaga H!P has all types of girls, so I want that to be noticed。 But still、 since Momochi is an idol who possess everything、 I'd be glad if you see me favourably (laughs)。
― In the sense that she's the almighty idol、 you've become rivals with Airi-san! And finally、 please tell us what you like most about Airi-san。
Tsugunaga For that、 it would be that she partners up with Momochi♪ Recently、 whatever Momochi says、 everyone acts cold (laughs)。 But、 I really rely on Airi、 and I'd be happy if we could lead H!P together from now on!
…And with that、 including Suzuki Airi-san、 the gravure of the 9 “H!P belles” are in issue 17! Tsugunaga-san's commentary on the 9 of them is a must-see!

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  1. airi looks the best at the 'turn at the next corner' mv. I wish she'd keep her hair that way.