Monday, 30 January 2017

Hoshibe Sho's Liner Notes on Good Boy Bad Girl

After about a year since 'Boogie Woogie Love', I got to write a song for Country Girls.
The A-melody has a back-and-forth melody accompanied by rock 'n roll guitar riffs.
The B-melody approaches the chorus with bluesy 7th chords.
And that develops into a minor key chorus, in the style of 70s and 80s rock ballads.
Using this old-fashioned melody, Kodama Ameko-san showed her skills and gave it the theme of a comical, immature lover's quarrel.
The phrase 'While he knows his guitar chords, he can't come up with lyrics' in the second chorus, it really struck a deep nerve in the heart of this former guitar-playing youth. (laughs)

Speaking of 'cool', I actually have experienced it watching Country Girls perform live.
Even though they have cute songs like 'Itooshikutte Gomen ne'!? They present themselves cutely, yet I feel that as professionals, they are cool.
I learnt a lesson: When you get down to it, cuteness can turn into coolness.
Country Girls is an exceedingly interesting group, a synthesis of 'cute' and 'cool'.

I hope that this song will become a spice that will support Country Girls' cuteness.

Hoshibe Sho

Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanuts Butter Jelly Love / Country Girls

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