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℃-ute's Suzuki Airi Sprinting until their breakup in June next year (Kobe Shinbun 2nd Dec 2016)

℃-ute's Suzuki Airi
'My love towards singing will not waver'
While news of SMAP's dissolution was flying around this summer, fans were also shocked by news of another breakup. This breakup was of the talented 5-person team '℃-ute', who are said to be 'The queens of the idol world'. The ace Suzuki Airi (22) stated, 'Being an idol is a wonderful occupation. It's my pride.' They'll be dashing on until they reach the finish line, in June next year.

℃-ute made their major debut in February 2007 as part of the idol collective 'Hello! Project'. Besides Suzuki, the group has other members such as Okai Chisato (22), who is flourishing on the variety programme scene.

One of the songs from their latest triple A-side single is 'Mugen Climax'. The music video is well regarded, and we can see the 5 members going to the utmost limits with their skill at singing and dancing. Eight names are hidden in the lyrics, comprising the present as well as graduated members. Suzuki was joyful, 'That sort of trick fits with the world of the song'.

Suzuki built up her popularity with a singing ability that is preeminent among idols. When asked about balancing university life and idol activities, she declared that she held 'Multiple occupations'. With a laugh that revealed her characteristic snaggletooth, 'I'm able to try out all sorts of things, like singing and modelling, it suits my curious self. No other job lets me feel such support from those around me'.

Going on with that pace, on the 20th of August, ℃-ute announced their breakup. With all the members having passed the age of twenty, they took the opportunity to contemplate their individual futures, and arrived at that decision. 'There were members who wanted to do things that they couldn't do in our group as it stands, so they'd like to work hard on that next'. As for her own thoughts, 'I like work that can give people smiles. In whatever form, whatever media I may appear in, I ultimately would like to keep on singing'.

Until their Saitama Super Arena breakup concert in June next year, they intend to vigorously pile on the concerts so that they'll be able to share a 'Chou Wonderful' time with their fans 'who are our allies, no matter what'.

Source: Kobe Shinbun

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