Monday, 8 September 2014

H!P Summer 2014 KOREZO: Share it if you like it (Part VIII - 6 Sept)

For the KOREZO! performances held during the current Hello! Con (Summer 2014), there's a corner where the girls can bring up photos they want to highlight. A  Facebook page has been set up, entitled 'Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share'. (H!P Share it if you like it). 

Here's a selection of what piqued my interest. As the page says, if you like any of these photos, then 'Like' and 'Share' them on Facebook. Links are in the first line below the photo, the post titles.

If you missed them - Part I (12, 19 & 26 July)Part II (27 July)Part III (2 Aug)Part IV (3 Aug)Part V (9 & 16 Aug)Part VI (17 Aug), Part VII (29 Aug)

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Natsuyaki Miyabi
I tried doing what you would say was Makoto-san's trademark from ages ago, the mushroom hairstyle
The members of Hello! Pro have raised the topic、
That recently、 Makoto-san has been wearing a hat
But we want the old “as he is” Makoto-san to come out on-stage

Photograph from Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko
When we went for an event in Osaka
The mother of Uemura Akari-chan, who hails from Osaka、
Came to the train station to greet us
But not knowing that her mother didn't want to attract attention since there were a lot of people、
Uemura suddenly put on a green happi coat、 and this is a shot of her back。
Afterwards she was scolded by her mother, 「What are you doing?」。

Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Ishida Ayumi
Within Morning Musume。’14
I'm often told that I've got a suberi character, characterised by slip-ups
But in a different meaning、
I witnessed Michishige-san slipping up in reality、
So I managed to get a picture of that moment。
Seeing Michishige-san slip up、 that's pretty rare(lol)

Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Michishige Sayumi
On this 『Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share』Facebook page
Ishida presented 【the sole sleeping face of the cute Michishige-san】、
And the picture was uploaded
But there isn't just that one picture、
There are other photos of me sleeping cutely, so I'll show them to you ♡
By the way, the member next to me・・・。
Please take a look。
With 100% of her face covered、 do you know who it is?
The answer is Ishida Ayumi~。
I think that it's embarrassing to sleep on the Shinkansen looking like that
But with her arms crossed and radiating a feeling of smugness、
I think it's very Ishida-like(lol)

{And now the the Hello! Cons have come to an end, this'll be the end of this series of translations. I'll probably make a summary post, which'll probably include a brief description of the ones I didn't translate.}

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