Saturday, 5 November 2016

Twitter Tidbits: Momochi graduation announcement reactions

Various reactions on social media on Momochi's graduation announcement:

Blog post by Shimizu Saki, Berryz Kobo captain and H!P Advisor
Blog post by Nakazawa Yuko, MM OG

Natsuyaki Miyabi (Pink Cres., Berryz Kobo, Buono!):

I went to Country Girls' Live event 💕 Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of your formation ✨💓✨💓
All the members were adorable, it was a fun Live event 🎀
And Momochi made an important announcement today。
She announced that she would be graduating from the group as well as Hello! Project on the 30th of June next year, and retiring from the world of entertainment。
I want her to finish things up in her own ♡Momochi♡ way until the very end 💓💓
Momo!! Do your best until the very end 👑✨ #TsugunagaMomoko#CountryGirls#BerryzKobo#Buono!#HelloProject

Mano Erina, actress:
I think that people who make their own decisions
And people who forge their own paths
Are really cool。

So I've always really respected her from way back。

I was glad that she told me directly with her own voice,
Instead of writing it out。

It really is sad
But I'd like to continue to watch her, always moving ahead of me。
Senpai、 you are really really wonderful。

Konno Asami, reporter, MM OG:
When she made her debut about 15 years ago, she was such a tiny kid during the film Koinu Dan, and yet…☺️ She's actually got a proper teaching licence, that's Momochi for you 😊 I'd like to cheer on Momochi who'll be advancing on a different path 👏💓 (Konno Asami)

Mori Saki, UUG:
Tsugunaga-san. Momochi-san.
The letter I received from Tsugunaga-san when I was in the Eggs decorates my home in a frame, even now. That's how happy it made me.
While I do feel sad, it really was cool of Tsugunaga-san to make such a huge decision. She'll be starting on a new life, so I'd like to cheer on Tsugunaga-san with everything I've got.

Arai Manami, UUG:
I really like Tsugunaga-san, who was really friendly with me when I was an Egg.
It's sad, but in the future, please do your best as Tsugunaga-sensei!!!
Wanting to become one, Tsugunaga-san's dream of going on the path of a teacher will come true, it's really cool!!!

Sashihara Rino, HKT48:
What shocking news...

Sashihara Rino, HKT48:
When they announced events, I would talk with my parents time and time again. I'd wake up early and ride on a limited express train with my mother from Oita to Hakata. It was the sole reason that a shut-in like me would want to go out.

While it may seem that her focus was on variety shows, for me, she'll always be a perfect idol who would perform amazingly. It truly is sad.

Kikuchi Ami, former Idoling member:
I'm honestly really sad, when I heard about it, I watched videos from the past by myself, thought about it, and cried...
We've worked hard together, and she's always always been more amazing than me. I respect her from the bottom of my heart, she's someone what I've spent fun times together with (;_;)
I did my best ever since I was an idol since Momochi was there, and we had lots of work together… Those are already just memories😭 Good luck ❤️

Maeshima Ami, Super Girls:
I saw the news about Tsugunaga Momoko-san's graduation and retirement. I respect Tsugunaga-san from the bottom of my heart. She's continued to shine even brighter than anyone on-stage over these 15 years, as an idol and as a pro. This will be a historically huge closing of curtains, both for the idol world as well as for myself. I'll admire her forever, and as a fan from since I was small, I'd like to tell her that I'm so grateful for all the hard work she's done.

Michishige Saho, Houkago Princess:
Tsugunaga Momoko-san... Aaaah~......。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Ayatsuji Yukito, novelist:
Momochi's retiring from the world of entertainment? What a surprise.

eji, pianist:
Momochi~ (/ _ ; )

Ohmura Takayoshi, guitarist: Eh... Momochi...

True to her words #But really #Anata nashi de ha Ikiteikenai (Can't live without you)

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