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I'll Be Number 1 At This (TopYell+ 2014 H!P Great Dictionary)

In TopYell+ H!P edition (March 2014), there's the Hello! Pro great dictionary - basically your run of the mill questionnaire.
Although it's set out by person, I'm arranging it by question instead. Links to the other questions I've translated in this series are at the end.
This'll probably be the last question I'll do from this series - At this point in time, one member has graduated, while two groups have changed their names and added new members, so it's gotten pretty obsolete.

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Michishige Sayumi
Depth of jealousy
I immediately get jealous of people, and I have this habit of feeling inferior to the younger members (laughs).

Fukumura Mizuki
Working up a sweat
Yajima-san is famous for this in Hello! Pro, but Fukumura won't lose either!
However, when Yajima-san works up a sweat, she bceomes beautiful, like a goddess emerging from the springs.

Ikuta Erina
Since I hear that Suzuki Airi-san can only putt, I'll be number one if we're going through a whole golf course.

Sayashi Riho
I've got confidence in this! I've been learning about it all the time, ever since I was small, I'm proud of it!

Suzuki Kanon
The flexibility of my facial muscles
Having done so many weird faces, my facial muscles have gotten flexible-! I've got confidence in them.

Iikubo Haruna
Well, that'd be my love of manga!!
I got to do a serialisation in Top Yell-san, it really is an honour!
If you read that, you'll be able to understand the extent of how much I like manga... I think (laughs). After that... my ability to discover people's good points.

Ishida Ayumi
Currently I'm 150 cm in height, but I think I'm the shortest in in Hello! Project.

Sato Masaki
High-pitched voice.
Making a high-pitched racket. 
Within Hello! Pro.

Kudo Haruka
Eating quickly, husky voice
I've got confidence when it comes to eating quickly! Since I'm able to eat up ramen in a minute and a half (smug).
My husky voice has been my pride since ages ago.

Oda Sakura
The size of my eyebags
I'm confident that I definitely won't lose if it comes to this!

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Shimizu Saki
Eyelash length
It's not just the upper ones, but the lower ones too!!
I often get asked 'Are those your real eyelashes?'

Tsugunaga Momoko
The reason? I think that if you take a look at my face, you'll naturally understand why.

Tokunaga Chinami
Leg length
Ayacho, Maimi, Nacky, I've got lots of rivals, but I want to be number one!

Sudo Maasa
Arm wrestling
I probably won't lose! No! I'll certainly be victorious!

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Being able to shop for long stretches
From morning to night, I won't get bored

Kumai Yurina
It's got to be my height (laughs)!

Sugaya Risako
Probably my speaking volume...
I don't think I'll lose.
Since the juniors have actually mentioned it to me.

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Yajima Maimi
Since I have confidence when it comes to sports, I don't want to lose at this-!!

Nakajima Saki
If it's as I am right now, I might be the biggest eater!!
If I overcome the fullness, I can put in any amount (laughs).

Suzuki Airi
Eating food in a way that makes it seem delicious ♪
... That said, it's like everything I eat is delicious. I guess everything seems delicious??

Okai Chisato
Continuing to talk for-ever ★

Hagiwara Mai
Like the slenderness of my waist (laughs)?

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Wada Ayaka
The arts
I won't lose to anyone when it comes to the arts (emphasis on Western paintings, Buddhist statues)

Fukuda Kanon
Whatever it is, wherever it is, going places alone.
Yakiniku alone, Gyuudon alone, Sushi alone, Disneyland alone, I've completed lots of things like those.

Nakanishi Kana
I don't stop talking when I'm in Osaka.
But that's not the case in Tokyo, which is a mystery to me.

Takeuchi Akari
I'm confident that there are lots of events where I can get first place!!

Katsuta Rina
Loudness of voice
(Only when laughing)
The members often tell me that the sound of me laughing is loud and annoying!!

Tamura Meimi
Being excited
At any rate, my level of excitement is high (laughs)!
There are times when it gets low, but at any time, it can get completely full (laughs)!

Q3. 'Among the members of Hello! Pro, I'll be number 1 at this!'

Miyazaki Yuka
How much I love ice cream
I really like ice cream so much that I eat a family-pack box every day. There are ice creams that are classified as lacto ice, and those feel like a drink when put in your mouth.

Kanazawa Tomoko
I enjoy my time alone more than anyone else!!
I've always enjoyed being alone at home, and even on holidays, I spend more time by myself than hanging out with friends.

Takagi Sayuki
How briefly I take baths
If I'm in a rush, I can take 3 minutes!!

Miyamoto Karin
How gross my hands are
Firstly, the bones that move the blood vessels more in a weird way, my pinky bends at a right angle, my thumb bends to my arm... At any rate, I don't think I'll lose.

Uemura Akari
Quickly sulking.

My thoughts and observations:
  • Ayumin - No, I think Momo's about 149 or 150 cm. And she's at the tail end of growth, while I think Ayumin still has some time to go
  • Airi - Face full of yum!
  • Karin - I'm not fully sure what she means, but it does sound pretty gross Thanks to serutkdjhrge in the comments, there's a video of Karin showing what her hands can do. It is freaky.
  • Sayuki - What's the point of a 3-minute bath? Might as well take a shower
  • Voices - Maachan (high-pitched) & Duu (husky)
  • Loud voices - Risako & Bakuwara (only when laughing)
  • Talking - Chisato & Kananan
  • Solitude - Nyon & KanaTomo\
  • Eating - Duu (speed), Nacky (amount), Airi (Making it look delicious), Yuka (ice cream)

TopYell+ 2014 H!P Great Dictionary
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  1. For Karin's hand comment, check J-Pop Ranking's October 4th broadcast. It's gross.

    1. Saw it. That was freaky.

    2. Just in case the others want to see the hand only,skip the video to 12:36