Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hama-chan blogs about Country Girls' major début


This is Hamaura Ayano!

Today、 we had our Sapporo performanceーー(n´v`n)

On the way back, it was nice to see the snow falling o(>◡<)o

Today、 Country Girls' major début was announced (^ ^)


Our new unit will do our best too、 so that we won't lose to Country Girls!! (Since Tsugunaga-san is there、 we lose in cuteness though。。。)

Inaba Manaka-chan has gotten way better at singing from her Kenshuusei days、 and I think she's gradually turning into a perfect idol ♡

Yamaki Risa-chan is really good at MC-ing、 so I'd like to work hard to follow her example ♡

For the 8 of us、 we'll make use of the things we've done so far and do our best from the performance aspect (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

That's all from Hamaura Ayanoー!

Bye-bee ♡

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  1. Hama-chan targeted C.G as her rival :lol: interesting.. Can't wait for her debut date..