Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hamaura Ayano - Bringing you along, My Friend (UTB Dec 2014)

Bringing you along, my friend

Before we knew it, amongst the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei,
Hama-chan has become a reliable presence to the kouhai.
With 6 appearances so far [in this magazine], this is the first time she's making a solo attempt.
She's joined by her friend Brown! (named by Hamachan herself)

I definitely don't want to lose to the kouhai

Hama-chan first appeared in the pages of this magazine when she was still in primary school. Now, with many kouhai, she's become reliable~

'I thought that I had to do things confidently in order to become an example for the kouhai, but since this would be the first time I'd be having a solo photo shoot for UTB-san, I was nervous'

Even though you seemed to be enjoying yourself, to the extent that you even gave the teddy bear a name (laughs).

'That would be my friend, Brown. My nerves were calmed thanks to this kid'

This time, the photo shoot was done at an old building and a retro amusement park, and Hama-chan's smile was sealed away.

'When I'm doing a photo shoot with someone, a smile comes naturally to my face, and the photo shoot goes along without me thinking too deeply about the theme. This time, I'm alone, and I heard that the setting was of a lonesome girl, so I did the photo shoot while thinking that, perhaps, I'm waiting for my mother's return, together with Brown'

After that, Hama-chan continued on by saying 'Perhaps I've grown a little today, through today's photo shoot...', and titled her head to one side. The sight of her kouhai developing day by day has recently strengthened a certain feeling.

'Number one would be best. I've started thinking that I don't want to lose to the kouhai.'

The strength of that competitive spirit is unexpected.

'The senpai units have been recruiting new members, so the Kenshuusei are more aware of making a début. We're putting in even more efforts than we have so far and have been polishing our performing skills so that any one of us will be ready to go if we're selected. I'm glad that my kouhai are developing, but since they're also rivals, I'm doing my best to not lose to them.'

By the way, how would you like your début to be like, Hama-chan?

'Maybe, if Hello! Project were to come out with a new unit, I'd really like to be picked for it. But now, as a member of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, I'll do my best with everything I've got!'

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  1. Now that she'll debut soon, so happy about it.. Afterall she's the most senior H!P Kenshuusei to date, and her time to wait to debut for almost 4 years paid.. Congratulations Hama-chan...