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H!P Maruwakari Winter 2016: Number one in dancing

Haropuro (Hello! Project) Maruwakari Book 2016 WINTER / Hello! Project

Q7: Please tell us who's H!P's number one for each of these genres? - Dancing

I like how this graph basically can be summed up like this:
Are you Team Manakan or Team Riho?

Yajima MaimiNacky!
Nakajima SakiInaba Manaka-chan
Suzuki AiriInaba Manaka-chan
Okai ChisatoInaba Manaka!!! She's good at dancing, isn't she! I want her to dance forever!
Hagiwara MaiInaba Manaka-chan
Morning Musume。´16
Fukumura MizukiSayashi Riho-chan. She's always been good at dancing from the start, but her further improvement in 2015 surprised me. It seems like her body moves without her head budging an inch! It's amazing! Do your best while studying abroad! I'll do my best in order not to lose out as well!
Ikuta ErinaInaba Manaka-chan. I really like Manaka-chan's dancing, and at times, I've learnt from her.
Suzuki KanonSayashi Riho-chan. I think that Riho-chan's dancing is really at genius level. I love it!
Iikubo HarunaIshida Ayumi-chan
Ishida AyumiSuzuki Airi-san. I'm no good at freestyle dancing, so I admire Suzuki-san who knows how to enchant.
Sato MasakiWada Ayaka-san
Kudo HarukaIshida Ayumi and Inaba Manaka-chan. The sharp and characteristic dancing of the two of them is something that I find cool.
Oda SakuraSayashi Riho-san. I like Sayashi-san's dancing the most!
Ogata HarunaInaba Manaka-san. Since she was really cool in the dance club at the Hello! Cons.
Nonaka MikiInaba Manaka-chan. Manaka-chan's cute looks and sharp dancing are overwhelming.
Makino MariaNakajima Saki-san. I love her snappy dancing.
Haga AkaneTakagi Sayuki-san!
Wada AyakaInaba Manaka-chan. Her solo dance in the Haro Sute dance club was cool.
Nakanishi KanaMurota Mizuki-chan.
Takeuchi AkariInaba Manaka-chan.
Katsuta RinaInaba Manaka-chan.
Tamura MeimiInaba Manaka-chan.
Murota MizukiInaba Manaka-chan.
Aikawa MahoTakeuchi Akari-san. Her dancing is sharp, and the difference between when she's dancing and how she normally is makes a nice contrast!!
Sasaki RikakoInaba Manaka-chan.
Kamikokuryo MoeSasaki Rikako-san
Miyazaki YukaIshida Ayumi-san. When I play back her videos, no matter when I stop, the frame will stop at her doing a great, completely cool pose.
Kanazawa TomokoIshida Ayumi-san. I like how cool her stops and starts are.
Takagi SayukiMiyamoto Karin. She does a solo dance in the middle of our live performances, and her freestyle dancing is always attractive.
Miyamoto KarinSayashi Riho-san. I really like her dancing, and it surprised me how quickly she remembered things in the dance club.
Uemura AkariSayashi Riho-san. At any rate, she’s amazing.
Country Girls
Tsugunaga MomokoMomochi. Her dancing is comical and unique. While I can't evaluate whether it's good or bad, I think that her dancing draws the eye ♥
Yamaki RisaInaba Manaka-chan. Even in cute dances, the sharpness in Manaka-chan’s dancing adds something extra.
Inaba ManakaSayashi Riho-san.
Morito ChisakiInaba Manaka-chan.
Ozeki MaiThat'd be Inaba Manaka-chan!
Yanagawa NanamiInaba Manaka-san.
Funaki MusubuSayashi Riho-san.
Kobushi Factory
Fujii RioInaba Manaka-chan.
Hirose AyakaNakajima Saki-san, Inaba Manaka-san.
Nomura MinamiInaba Manaka-san.
Ogawa RenaSayashi Riho-san.
Hamaura AyanoInaba Manaka-chan.
Taguchi NatsumiInaba Manaka-chan.
Wada SakurakoNakajima Saki-san.
Inoue ReiHamaura Ayano-chan!
Tsubaki Factory
Yamagishi RikoInaba Manaka-chan.
Ogata RisaIshida Ayumi-san.
Niinuma KisoraTakeuchi Akari-san.
Tanimoto AmiInaba Manaka-san.
Kishimoto YumenoInaba Manaka-chan.
Asakura KikiSayashi Riho-san.

Q7: Please tell us who's H!P's number one for each of these genres? - Dancing

Vote tally
Manakan: 26
RihoRiho: 9
Ishida: 5
Nacky: 4

As mentioned before, it's Team Manakan vs Team Riho. We've got Momochi as an independent candidate, but realistically, she's not going to win this. Then you have smaller candidates Ishida and nksk, who have now pledged for Team Manakan.

Not much else to analyse here, as most of the girls just nominated a name. Some girls did give explanations, with Mizuki being as verbose as usual.

Something that's been floating in my mind is how far in advance the girls submit their answers. The book is published very early in the year, while the period between Riho's graduation announcement and the graduation itself was pretty short, much like Maeda Yuuka. In fact, just like Yuukarin, Riho announced her graduation at the end of October and graduated on the last day of the year. This would give about two months from announcement to publication, which is pretty tight - they've got to take time to edit the the book, after all.

Where am I going with this? Well, it might just be that the members that named Riho might have submitted their answers before they knew that Riho was graduating. Perhaps Manakan would have been the runaway winner had Sayashi's graduation been known earlier. Not that it's not like it isn't already a landslide win for Manakan.

Just for a lark, I also threw up a poll on Twitter, where Manakan was by and far in the lead. With barely even 50 votes though, I wouldn't count on this being representative of anything besides my followers on Twitter who'd vote in polls. Which probably explains the fairly significant number of votes for Team Momochi XD.

And I'll leave you with Manakan plus Chiitan and Funakki doing this mesmerising dance.

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