Thursday, 30 October 2014

12th gen introduction (Weekly Young Jump)

Ogata Haruna
Born 15th Feb 1999
From Osaka
Blood type A
Nickname: Ogata, Haachin

Hobby, Special Skill
Video editing, figure skating

What is 'Morning Musume.' to you?
A source of energy & smiles

The senpai you look up to?
Sayashi-san. Her dancing is really cool! 
That gap between how she is on-stage, and how she is normally, it's adorable.

Your goal from now on
I'll persevere and whatever it is, I won't give up, I'll see it to completion. 
I'll do my best to be able to stand on-stage soon, and perform together with the senpais.

Nonaka Miki
Born 7th Oct 1999
From Shizuoka prefecture
Blood type A
Nickname: Mikicha

Hobby, Special Skill
English! Backflips, piano

What is 'Morning Musume.' to you?
Something that I admire, that gives me dreams

The senpai you look up to?
Sayashi (Riho)-san and Ishida (Ayumi)-san.
I love their sharp dancing!

Your goal from now on
Taking advantage of my experiences until now, and moreover, polishing my skills
I'd like to catch up with the senpais

Makino Maria
Born 2nd Feb 2001
From Aichi prefecture
Blood type A
Nickname: Maria

Hobby, Special Skill
Cheering & spectating pro baseball, duck face

What is 'Morning Musume.' to you?
An eternal dream

The senpai you look up to?
Michishige Sayumi-san. She's the cutest in the universe, she's kind, I love her the most! My eternal goal.

Your goal from now on
I'd like to catch up to all the members as soon as possible. 
Tsunku♂-san gave me these words: 'Develop your skills even more than you have so far, and please do your best, with all your efforts, without pause.
That's my goal.

Haga Akane
Born 7th March 2002
From Nagano prefecture
Blood type O
Nickname: Akanechin

Hobby, Special Skill
Singing, calligraphy (7th dan)

What is 'Morning Musume.' to you?
Really cool, a presence I admire

The senpai you look up to?
Takagi Sayuki-san (Juice=Juice) ♥ Her dancing, her singing, they're top-notch!
Kudo Haruka-san ♥ Her husky voice is cool!
Oda Sakura-san ♥ Her flexible dancing is cool!

Your goal from now on
I'll properly practise singing and dancing, and give a performance that'll amaze people!!

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  1. Haachan speciality : Video editing (probably picture editing too) --->> Answer for all her craziness :lol: