H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015

General questions
  1. Within H!P, you think 'This is what I'm number one at!'
  2. This is what I like about H!P.
  3. The H!P member that caught your interest through their activities in 2014
  4. The H!P member(s) that you'd like to get closer to from now on
  5. Please give a comment to a member, something you can say BECAUSE you're good friends with that girl.
  6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.
  7. Favourite song from a group that isn't yours
  8. If you could become a H!P member for just a day, who would you become?
  9. Among the words that fans have said to you so far, which have made you the happiest?
  10. Who's the H!P Kenshuusei who's recently caught your interest?
Berryz Kobo Special
  1. BEST 3: Favourite Berryz Kobo songs
  2. The activity that left the biggest impression after 10 years of activities as Berryz Kobo
  3. Memories with the members
  4. I'd like to finally do this before our hiatus
  5. The things that make you think 'I'm glad to have been in Berryz Kobo'

New Faces Special

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